Hi, Welcome to VIRUNTHU UNNA VAANGA (Feast like Royal). Thanks for interested to know about me. 

Little About Me
I am Vijayalakshmi Sudhakar as viji, from Dindigul Palani, Tamil Nadu. Got married 6 months back. At present I enjoying every part of my life with my hubby, family and my hobby passions are cooking and blogging.  Like everyone, I do not enter into the kitchen till my studies got over. But I did some basic works like rolling chapathi, making dosa and idli. J  

After I returned from my hostel life, I pushed myself to learn cooking, start from basics with the help of my grandma, mom and sithi (mom’s sisters) and why not my innovations too… And surely I have to say other blogs also helped me a lot to learn new recipes apart from Tamil cuisine.

How I started the blog
After I started to cook our routine recipes, I got the confidence to try out other regional recipes too…  So whenever I try new recipes in my kitchen, what I did mean, I have taken photos of the recipe on my phone or camera and save it as a document for my future references.  

My thirst for the learning is going on by searching and referring many blogs, and I have noted down some of the recipes too for try out in my hands. I have to say, Spicy Treats+Sangeetha akka is my inspiration to start my blog, I am very much impressed by her way of cooking and blogging.

This is the way; I have started VIRUNTHU UNNA VAANGA in May, 2012… Why I have chosen the name, I would like to name the title will be very catchy and easy too. Without much thinking, it strikes out and named it as same. Happily, I got my own domain on December 2013 at www.vijisvirunthu.com

The recipes I post
My blog is full of vegetarian recipes. (But I have shared only one non-veg recipe of Dindigul special Biryani is prepared by mom which were requested by my friends and readers.) Over here you will find recipes that are tried and tested in my kitchen. Baking also my passion, even I love baking more than cooking. I will post only egg free baking recipes with step-by-step pictorials, which is very easy to follow even for beginners.

I really put my effort to prepare recipes right from planning to presentation. I love to do more innovation in my recipes, so you can see unique recipes from me. I spend a good amount of time to post the recipes properly.

At the beginning of my blogging, I did not know even ABCs about photography. I used to take photos in flashlight, and then only I tried to learn to help of my friends.  I am using Point and Shoot Canon A1200, and nowadays taking pictures only in natural light.

As author of the blog, I put lots of effort for each and every recipe and photographs, so please do not steal/copy the content or images without my prior permission by mail or without giving proper credits. Thanks for understood. J

Thanks for spending your precious time on my blog, hope you loved the recipes and if you have tried any of my recipes please share your feedbacks/comments with me. Hope you love to visit again and again. J

Stay connected with Virunthu Unna Vaanga

If you have any suggestion or request recipes feel free to contact me at vijisvirunthu@gmail.com or Contact Me… 

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