Fondant is the modern trend of today’s cake world. This is a boon for the people who wish to celebrate their special days with a particular theme. Fondant is helping them to get their wishes come true. You can shape it whatever you want and enjoy with your creations. Fondant creation is one of my wishes and finally did one successfully. Am not explain how to decorate the cake with fondant just provide the recipe coz still I have to learn more and more on designing... 


There are two types of normal fondant, one with gelatin and other one with agar-agar. I wanted to try a vegetarian version of fondant with agar-agar, but I couldn't get corn syrup or liquid glucose at my place. And no time to order for online too. After that only I Google alternate method of fondant, and yeah! found the condensed milk fondant. No cook fondant and very easy to prepare and handle. Even I do not have any fondant tools including fondant smoother. Just used rolling pin and cookie cutter to decorate the cake as this is my first fondant decoration. I am so happy with the outcome and the birthday girl and their family loves the design and the taste of the cake which I baked Egg-less chocolate cake.

I made the rose in easy way,
click here for the tutorial...

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Egg-Free Cakes
Preparation Time
10 Minutes  
Baking Time
30-35 Minutes

Source – Lady Lifehacks

Condensed milk – 150g (10 Tbsp)
Lemon juice – 1 Tsp
Icing sugar – 1 Cup
Milk powder – 1 – 1 ½ Cup
Food color – Pinch
Glycerin – 1 Tbsp (Optional)
Cornstarch – As required


  • Take a mixing bowl, add condensed milk with lemon juice stir it once.
  • Then add icing sugar mix it well, following by adding milk powder little by little and stir it well.
  • Sprinkle cornstarch on work surface, place the fondant on the counter top and knead it well, add milk powder if the dough sticky.
  • Knead it until it stops sticking to your hands.
  • If it keeps sticking sprinkle some cornstarch and knead it. Now the fondant is ready.

Coloring Fondant
  • To make fondant colorful, separate it into parts and add desired food color to it and knead it well.
  • The fondant will dry out while stored, so keep it stretched and nice add few drops of glycerin.
  • Now three colored fondant is ready to make shapes or cover the cake.


  • The original recipe calls for milk powder or cream, I used milk powder and did not give a try with cream, if I tried will update the post. If you tried plz. Let me know the outcome.
  • If your fondant is too sticky, add some icing sugar and mix thoroughly and it should like play dough/chapathi dough consistency.
  • Wrap the fondant with cling film and put it in zip-lock cover and store it in refrigeration.
  • Before handle the fondant, taking out the fondant from refrigerator and let it stand in plastic wrap at room temperature for 30-60 minutes.
  • If the fondant still dry, add some glycerin and icing sugar or cornstarch and knead it well.




  1. Nicely made viji .Yet to try these

  2. what a fantastic effort! love the cute yellow flowers on this colouful cake. keep up the great work!!

  3. Shall try your version amazing fondant creation you have tried

  4. Wow!!! I have never had the courage to work on fondant... ur recipe is really inspiring me... bookmarking this and will definitely try...

  5. Yes.. Rafeeda i too thought like you but this one ease your job and interesting too.. Try it and give your feed backs... :)

  6. Fondant looks fabulous,great work,beautiful

  7. Can we use this to cover the cake? Will it crack?? And how long it will take to dry the figurines? Shelf life?? I knw lots of questions :)

  8. No problem, actually i missed many tips as you asked. Though, its my first post on fondant...;) Yes, we can use this to cover the cake. I used it here, and this is my first time to cover the cake with fondant, thankfully it didn't crack. You can refrigerate the leftover fondant for an week. cake with fondant for 2 days in air tight box in refrigeration.

  9. Thank you Viji.. so if we make figurines with this fondant we cannot keep it for long as like the other fondant?? we have to either consume or store it

    1. Sorry, I never used other fondant so I didn't get chance to compare with other type of fondant. If I make both to make figurines and let you know in the post... But the condensed milk fondant also will be hard while refrigerate it. Thanks.. :)

  10. I worked with the other fondant which i didnt like the taste at all. Once u make the figurines or flowers and it get hardened, it will stay in room temperature in an airtight container for bout 6 months. i think condensed milk fondant doesnt work in that way.

    But am happy to tell u that i tried this recipe 2 days back and it came out nicely. and the taste also was good. But i feel the problem with this wud be storage and shelflife
    ANyway thanx for the recipe :)

    1. Hi, thanks for tried the recipe and for your feedback... Happy to hear from you. Yes! storing is problem with the condensed milk fondant. But i think its solution for who loves fondant but didn't get enough ingredients like me or who hate the tastes of the other fondant... :) Thanks again :)

  11. Hi Viji, this looks great. If I understand you correctly, this fondant will stay good for upto 2 weeks provided it is kept in the freezer and also cake covered with this fondant too should be kept in the freezer. Is that true?

    1. Hi Thanks, yes if you keep it in refrigeration it will be good upto 2 weeks, after the period i didn't get chance to store it... But i am not sure about the cake covered with this fondant in freezer... Sorry... I will try and let you know... :)

  12. Hey...i tried ur recipe last night but my fondant turned out very hard...not pliable plz help me to figure out the prb...and i also want that the fondant should be less sweet.

  13. Hi thanks for tried.... Measurement is important if anyone excess the dough becomes hard, but no problem, add little glycerin to the dough and knead it with help of icing sugar or corn flour, if you prefer less sweet, you can use corn flour. When i tried first time it came out at correct consistency but the second time I used little glycerin and corn flour to get pliable dough. Try the method and let me know... Thanks much...


    1. Thanx aloot...i'll try it again...may be its hard bcoz i used more milk it fine to substitute cornflour with icing sugar...will it make the dough hard???And my dough smells strongly milk powder...plz help me out

    2. Hi, yes, excess of milk powder will become hard. Actually, you can use either milk powder or fresh cream but still I din't use fresh cream. 1 Cup icing sugar is compulsory, while you knead or dust can use corn starch instead of icing sugar. Glycerine will helps to get pliable dough.

  14. Hi...i tried it again...used exact measurement,turned out awesome... i added little corn syrup it was quite pliable...loved it...thumbs up for the recipe

    1. Hi thank you so much for tried the recipe again...:) Good that you have added corn syrup and good tip too... If possible plz send the tried recipe picture and your name to my mail id... I can upload it in my FB page with your name...:) Thanks again... :)

  15. I can't find your mail...Also I would like to post tried recipe fondant pic ☺

    1. Hi, sorry for delayed reply due to net problem. My mail Thanks for tried :)


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