I would love to taste various cuisines. One among the cuisine is Italian, especially pasta and pizza. I used to make a different recipe of pasta, but pizza at home is very occasional. I made pizza at home only once and I love thin crust and less cheesy pizza, but in my place takeaway pizzas are very rare. Recently, I went to Chennai to my sister’s house and we relished very much and after full of travel and shopping we were drained. So, no mood to cook, or even go to the restaurant nearby.

Then, we decided to order takeaway food from outside. Hence, we choose to order online food and opted for pizza. My sister told me that there are many best pizza delivery joints in Chennai. We got confused where to order and choose the best may be very difficult.

Veg Extravaganza Pizza 

Country Special Pizza


There are many benefits on order pizza through online,
  • Online pizza orders are very easy and save time from traffic, stand in a queue or wait for the order in a restaurant too.
  • At times, when we visit restaurants we should wait to get our seats and then have to order what we want. It’s really a waste of time, and surely we lose interest to eat, isn’t it?  So it will be tension-free to order through online.
  • You can take good time to select and order by browsing through the menu and the picture in detail. In the restaurant, we just go through the names and order quickly as attendant waits near the table to take the order. But through online, we can order relaxed and pick our most favorite pizza, right?
  • In the menu itself, they specify the size and servings, so we can add quantity according to our needs but in the restaurant we may order less or more.
  • When we order takeaway foods, the foods are delivered at our doorsteps for free and we have lots of time and fun memories in our home by chatting or other entertains with TV or Music.
  • Not only choosing our favorite pizza, it help us to save money through deals and offers.

Finally, we go through domino’s and went for a colorful veg extravaganza and county special pizza, desserts and choice of dressings. Our pizza home delivery happened within half an hour.  Finally, we go through domino’s and went for a colorful veg extravaganza and county special pizza, desserts and choice of dressings. Our takeaway arrived in an hour and food was packaged nicely in boxes and both pizzas were still warm when the delivery man handed them to us.  

So, what next? enjoy your favorite pizzas through online order!!! Happy Eat!!!

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