Hi friends, today I posting about awards… Yes, Priya from cook like Priya has shared the award with me… Thank u so much Priya… N friends as already you know about Priya, she is having so much delectable recipes with beautiful presentation and who one don’t know about Priya should visit her space and enjoy her recipes…

1. Thank the person who nominated you.
2. Add the ONE LOVELY AWARD to your post.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Pass the award onto 15 nominees and let them know.

Rule No.1 I thanked above to Priya.

Rule No.2

Rule No.3 Share 7 things about me

  1. I have completed my studies in Biotechnology and at present I being in home and enjoying my life with my family.
  2. I desire to do doctorate in my branch.
  3. Basically am not foodie, but I love to cook and serve others.  But my favorite food means I am one who emptied the box/plate.
  4. I am reserved person for strange one but very fun-loving around my family n friends.
  5. I love music, crafting, surfing, blogging n cooking.
  6. I like to watch movies of comedy, action, horror n romance.
  7. Often I fight with my sweet sister for nothing reasons but next second I go n say sorry to her, I couldn't tolerate her silence on me…

Rule No.4 15 sweet nominees for this award - I would like to share the award with all my friends, but as per rule I nominated following friends,


  1. Congrats on the award.. Thanks for sharing it with me..

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  2. Congrats dear. Wishing u get more like this.

  3. Congrats viji .Thanx for sharing dear....

  4. Hearty congrats ...dear..Wish you have many many more such awards,,,

  5. congrats on the award!!! good to know things about u!!!
    Ongoing Event - Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids - Combo Meals
    Ongoing Event + Giveaway - CEDD – HONEY

  6. congrats viji.. keep rocking gal :)

  7. Congrats dear thank u for sharing me

  8. Congrats Vijayalakshmi on winning these awards..And happy to read more about you !
    Thanks for remembering me and I am so humbled to accept this..Thank you.

  9. Congrats dear. Wish you get many more...Thanks for sharing it with me. I am too happy..

  10. Congrats Viji. Nice to know about you. Thanks for thinking about me. Will post soon.

  11. Congrats Viji, thanks for sharing the award with me. I am honored.

  12. lovely to know more about you dear :)


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