Hi dear friends, really am very happy, and its my 3rd guest post,  Yeah! I am flying at this time to present my guest post for one of my sweetest blogger friend akka Priya Suresh. When she has announced about the Rendez Vous event, am voluntarily reserved my slot in her fantastic space… I am so energized and very blissfully writing post for her.

Like to see full chit chat with Priya akka and the recipes for the yummilicious Choco Pancake??? Then Click here to read it whole guest post @ Priya akka's space!!!

She is such a lovely, humble, humorous, down to earth sister, and I am so happy to get know her through this virtual world. I always admired her delectable, versatile recipes and her energy. When I first stepped into blogging I found very few regular bloggers who had blog frequently with zeal. She is the one passionate blogger who stood with her steady everyday blogging. I am great fan for her baking goodies, even I used to tell her if you have idea to open bakery then I will sponsor you so that I earn bigggg popularity and money… ;)  

Before I met her through group chat, I never thought that I will be close friend of the great blogger but now I amJ. I got opportunity to chat with her through some of our dearest friends in our group chat… Thanks to them to get possibility to meet the pretty lady Child. We chat a lot and I got to know more about her and our bonding is growing healthy and wish to grow forever… If you permit I’ll talk about her endless, I can’t keep full stop to the speech about her… Am I Right?

Though the event ‘Rendez Vous with A Foodie itself evidence of her helping nature, the main motto of this event is to showcase the new food bloggers, their passion and their individual blogs.

I was thinking some special recipes till I sent to her the post.  And finally I have chosen the delicious and chocolate pancake. Other reason to choose the recipe is Priya akka is greatest chocolic person and I hope its best virtual treat for her from me… N hope u all loves the pan cake. 

Yummy Choco Pancake Recipe Here!!!

Thank u so much Priya akka for the wonderful opportunity to make guest post on your space and get chance to meet more lovable bloggers through you!!!

Hope u loved the Choco Pancake!!!


  1. Lovely and delicious pancakes Viji, it was nice to read your chit chat in Priya akkas space...
    Ur clicks are awesome, nice tips about photography and simple props...
    Thanks for sharing...

  2. Beautiful guest post Viji.. Nice to know more about you.. Chocolate pancake looks terrific and gorgeous.. Lovely to the core dear :-)

  3. love the post and the pancakes viji... yumm...

  4. Thanks a ton for ur beautiful guest post Viji, love ur spongy pancakes.

  5. perfect pancakes for breakfast...chocolate to enhance is what i loved the most

  6. Enjoyed your guest post dear. Lovely pancake...I am hungry on seeing that perfect color and spongy texture.

  7. Wow! Nice post. Pan cakes looks yum..


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