Hello, last week I have received a parcel from Hindustan Lever and I have no idea what that was means I forgot that after I applied... When I opened the parcel, the cute white leather bag was carrying Dove Hair Therapy Split end rescue shampoo with conditioner and I was very happy to see that products. Because I love Dove products even I have using the Dove products still... 

Till my 10 years old, I had shoulder length short hair because I had very dense hair so I got sick whenever I took head bath, so my parents won't allow to grow my hairs, but after that I was interested to grow the hair for braids... Yes, I love braids much n till my school days I used to put double braids with ribbon and the hair was very dense and healthy, I thanked mom that she was took proper care of my hair with good shampoo and oil... 

After I moved on to my college time, I could not care about my hair because I had very busy life with my lab, projects and travelling... Pollution is another reason to dry up our hair, So, my hair was drying and had many split ends and curly at the bottom... I hated my hair and won't do braids because it was look very curly... After I took head bath, I used to remove the split ends one by one with my hands...  I started to trim my hair ends to avoid split ends and I got again shoulder length short hair even I cried for that

After I have seen the shampoo I got some confidence, that will try this and I tried the shampoo with conditioner, wow its really worth even in first trial, I could felt the smoothness of my hair with visibly lesser split ends...Surely, I can braid my hair with no guilt feelings.  Now these are occupied my bathroom shelf to rescue my split ends... 

This post is a part of Dove Split Ends Rescue System contest at Indiblogger.


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