Hi i told about making dosa in microwave oven..... yes!!! with less oil we can make dosa in microwave dosa pan..... try out in your home too...


Idli batter - to make dosa
Oil - few drops


  • Just sprinkle a few drops of oil in microwave dosa pan and pour idli batter to it and spread it.

  • Keep it in oven set with high temperature for 2.30-3 min. (according to your batter thickness).

  • Now take the dosa and transfer into serving plate.... and its ready...


  1. Microwave dosa sounds very interesting, first time seeing MW dosa pan :) dosa looks soft n yummy!!
    If interested u can link this MW recipe to Priya's Versatile Recipes she is hosting MW recipes event...for the event link checkout my carrot mug cake post!!

    1. oh!!! thank u so much!! Surely i'll send this... :-)

  2. Wow wat an interesting and quick dosa, loving ur microwave dosa pan, thanks for sending to MEC.. You have a lovely space.

  3. Dosa in Microwave?! Wow! :)

    Thanks for dropping by in my blog~ you have a nice blog..happy to follow you!

  4. Hmmm...need to try this. I've Morphy RIchards Microwave Oven. But I've never thought of making a dosa or other such recipies in an oven which needs tawa. I would really like to try this with dosa and other such recipies. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. excellent I became a fan of yours now. can you tell me where in TORONTO is this microwave DOSA PAN available. email me please shan_subraman@yahoo.ca
    thanks in advance

  6. wow ....microwave dosa? just now i tried and became frustrated i used batter sold at nilgiri restaurant so batter is perfect but i used a microwave plate as a DOSA PAN. it did not function like a PERFECT DOSA PAN. the batter got steamed instead of getting toasted from bottom like it happen in a hot pan.

    VIJI please tell me where in TORONTO can i purchase a DOSA PAN LIKE YOURS?
    Email me via shan_subraman@yahoo.ca please. anyone else even if you know please write to me in addition to viji so that i can choose the closest to me, thanks

  7. Great experiment. Thanks for sharing, I will also try DOSA using my microwave oven. Really useful information for everyone especially kitchen lover.


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