Hi all, i know all are like sweets especially halwa... tirunelveli halwa, coimbatore muthu vilas halwa are famous for halwa... so i tried the tasty 

halwa for 'FATHER'S DAY' special..... of course my dad loves the sweet halwa...

Samba whole wheat - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 cups 
Cardamom pods - 6
Ghee - 7-8 Tbsp
Kesari powder - pinch 
Salt - pinch
Water - 2 cups

  • Wash and soak the samba whole wheat for overnight.
soak in water
  • Drain the water and wash again and blend by adding 1 cup of water. strain through a sieve to get a thick milk.
  • Again grind with 1 cup of water and strain. Now you have only husk to throw it away.
ground wheat with water

extract milk from wheat

  • The filtered wheat milk is ready. Keep this in refrigerator for 2 hours to settle down thick milk. 
wheat milk 
  • Discard the upper layer of water and keep the thick milk. 
separation of thin and thick milk
  • Now prepare the sugar syrup. Take a pan add 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water and stir in low flame.

  • When it starts bubbling stir continuously and check it for single strand consistency.
    single thread
  • When sugar syrup is ready add wheat milk with pinch of salt and stir continuously.

  • Then add color powder with some water and stir well.

  • Add cardamom powder to this and stir well till it forms a mass.

  • Adding ghee and don't leave your stirring otherwise lumps will appear.

  • Should be stir in low flame around 30-40min, then only we will get good consistency.

  • Check this consistency by rolling the mixture in your hand like ball, if it will not sticky its ready.

  • Grease a plate with ghee, put the whole mixture on to a plate. Let it cool, cut into desired shapes.

  • Serve it hot or cold.

to my dad.... N get compliments from him....



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