Hi friends, the days and times are running very fast… Last Friday I was very busy with my sis arrival, and now the week was gone… Today, I was busy with baking and now time to post the recipe for today; I prepared my most favorite variety rice which is none other than Puliodharai/Tamarind Rice/Kovil Puliodharai. Mostly, we used to get prasadams in temple whenever we visit. Markazhi month, full of festive month, my uncle is a mariyamman temple trustee in my town, the temple is very famous in Dindigul, one month festival will be celebrated in feb-march month of every year. So whenever they do pooja, my uncle brings prasadams to us and this is one of my favorite after sweet pongal. 

I saw the recipe of temple puliodharai in Aval Vikatan supplement book, which is special of kovil prasadam recipes. No further delay, I tried the recipe with paruppu thogayal.  +Srivalli jetti from Cooking 4 all Seasons initiated the Cooking from Cookbook Challenge, so am sending the recipe to CC Challenge of the month.

Coming to the recipe, the spice powder will give the unique taste to the puliodharai, and sesame oil is best and must for the recipe. The taste was exact like kovil puliodharai. Hereafter, I won't make other version, potato fry is best combo for the puliodharai and even you can store the spice powder for further use. If you love kovil prasadham, give a try to the recipe, am bet you will love it lot

Rice Varieties
Tamil Cuisine
Preparation Time
15 Minutes
Cooking Time
20-30 Minutes

Rice – 2 Cup
Oil – 1 Tsp
Water – 6 Cup
To roast and grind
Fenugreek seeds – 1 Tsp  
Mustard seeds – 1 Tsp
Black peppercorns – 1 Tsp
Coriander seeds – 2 Tsp
Dry red chillies – 10-12
To Temper
Sesame oil – ½ Cup
Chana dal – 1 Tbsp
Urad dal – 2 Tsp
Mustard seeds – 2 Tsp
Peanuts – 1 Tbsp
Hing – ½ Tsp
Curry leaves – Few
Tamarind – 100g
Turmeric powder – ½ Tsp
Sugar – 2 Tsp
Salt – To taste

  • Cook the rice with 1 Tsp of oil and water.
  • Add tamarind to 2 cups of water and take thick extract and set aside.
Preparation of powder 
  • Dry roast the fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, black peppercorns
  • Coriander seeds and dry red chillies till the aroma come and cool it completely and grind to powder in a blender and keep it aside.

Preparation Puli Kaichal (Tamarind Gravy)

  • Heat sesame oil in a pan; add chana dal, mustard and urad dal seeds wait for sputter.
  • Add peanuts, hing and curry leaves, when it starts golden brown add the tamarind extract to it.
  • Add turmeric powder, salt and sugar stir it well and keep the flame on high till boiling.
  • After boiling, keep the flame on low level and allow cooking till the oil oozes out and it starts to thicken.
  • While thicken the mixture add ground powder and mix it well and allow cooking for 2-3 minutes or oil oozes out from it.
  • Switch off the flame and puli kaichal is ready.
  • Now add the mixture little by little to the cooked rice and mix it well.
  • Serve it hot with Paruppu Thogayal and Potato roast.

  • Sesame oil is must; don’t use any other cooking oil.
  • You can store the puli kaichal (gravy) in air-tight container in refrigeration up to two weeks.
  • You can replace the sugar with jaggery piece or can avoid.
  • You can store the spice powder too. 



  1. All the clicks looks so tempting viji! I too love this rice! but these days im rice intake is very minimal so i have hardly cooked any of south indian rice varieties lately :) I never tried sesame oil till now! will do in future thanks for sharing :)

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    chakkara pongal recipe

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  7. i love this.... we get this as prasadam in temples and they do taste divine.... lovely clicks.

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  18. Thank you so much for the recipe. We love temple pulihora and always wonder why the taste of homemade one never matches that of the temple. Will be making this pretty soon.

  19. Your post reminded me that I have not made puliyodarai in a while - going to try your recipe


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