Hi friends, I come up with some twist in SHOW YOUR STYLES TO THE WORLD series, more or less the concept is same. First of all I convey my great sorry & thanks to all my SYS-W innovators. Unexpectedly, I couldn't run the event for few months… But you all are very much interested in the series, some of friends messaged me, where is SYS-W???... N here the SYS-W…


New people to SYS-W may not be aware of the event, I will tell you shortly. We were given any 2 main ingredients for each month, and people who were participated will do some innovative recipes with it and post on their blog and linked on my space using linky tool.

Coming to the twists of SYS-W
First change - will post the guess mystery on our SYS-W series FB group, there will be 6 hidden ingredients, and you can choose any 2 out of 6 and keep those selections in your memory and comment your choices on the FB comment box, and the next day I will reveal the all 6 hidden ingredients. Then you can make innovative recipes with your chosen ingredients… Is this interesting or not??? I thought it will be quite fun to choose???
2nd change - evaluation-free. No evaluation from now on, it’s quite difficult to choose one recipe from those entire delicious lists… Am I right??? All entries are well-deserved, so choosing one among them is such a difficult task…J

  • Each end of the month will post the puzzle in SYS-W FB page;
  • You can see the 1-6 numbers as shown the above picture.
  • Now you have to pick any 2 numbers like 1, 5 or 2, 6, or 3, 4 etc…
  • Next day (1st of the month) I will reveal ingredients for 1-6 numbers, for ex:
      • Tomato,
      • Eggplant,
      • potato,
      • ladies finger,
      • Peas
      • Rice 
        • If  your chosen number is1, 5 = Tomato and Peas 2, 6 = Eggplant and Rice
  • You can try out one or two (Optional) recipes with your way of innovations or variations, without omitting the given ingredients that I have mentioned and it should be dominated in the recipe. 
  • It starts 1st of each month till end of the month, so you have one month time to do the recipe and link into the respective page.
  • Only Vegetarian recipes are allowed.
  • Post your recipe on your blog with the following details,
    • Ingredients with clear measurements
    • Methods
    • Variation or Innovation if any
    • At least two of your food pictures
  • Post the logo and link to the respective page is mandatory.
  • Link your recipes using linky tool that I have given below.
  • And share your recipes on SYS-W Fb group.
  • If you have any problem to link the recipes using linky tool, u can send me mail.
  • Non-bloggers can also send your recipes to my mail id - with the following details,
    • Your name 
    • Contact mail id 
    • Recipe name
    • Ingredients with clear measurements
    • Methods
    • Variation and Innovation if any
    • Pictures

I inviting you all to participate on SYS-W series and am sure will love the fun event...

If you want to join in the event, just give your FB Name on my comment section, I will add you in SYS-W FB Group.


  1. Hi Viji.. I am interested - Shree Rao

  2. Innovative and challenging event dear :) count me in

  3. hi viji, u hv given an interesting twist , was eagerly waiting for u to b back ... so definitely i m in... count me in this dear....and all d best for this new FB name nayana pikle

  4. Very interesting challenge. Count me in this. Pls let me know the other details regarding when to join, how to join and all those.

    On-going event: What's with my cuppa?

  5. Wonderful idea Viji, just completed my post with secret ingredient 4 and i am not seeing any linky tool to link it...

  6. Akka, It is so interesting...Can I join in this event?

    1. Hi Tanya, thanks for your interest.. You can join anytime. I will give SYS FB group URL, join there and you can do your recipes for the event as per rules. Between you can call me Viji...:) Thanks again for the interest and welcome to SYS-W series...

    2. Thank you Viji... I have sent the req to join the group... kindly accept it.... :)


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