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We are thinking oils/fats are harmful to our body. Yes! Its true but we should not avoid totally, isn't it? A healthy body needs some fat, which contains as nutrients. Our body uses dietary fat to make tissue and manufacture biochemicals such as hormones. Dietary fibre are classified by their structure, different types of fats react differently inside the body. So we need to intake some good amount of oil in our routine diet, right? But at the same time we cannot intake any types of edible oil; we have to think smart to choose our cooking oil which should be right to our body system.

Marico group is one of India’s leading firms that have made a name for itself in the beauty and wellness space globally. In India, Saffola is very familiar brand in every house. My mom used to buy saffola gold for our regular cooking.  Indian cooking uses good amount of oil in every recipe that starts from tempering to deep frying. So we should have to choose healthy oil. And saffola introduce new brand of oil - SAFFOLA TOTAL OIL with blends of Rice bran oil (70%) and safflower (30%) in synergetic ratio to reduce cholesterol which has important features of

Before going to see the benefits of Saffola Total Oil, I would like to explain what are free radicals and anti-oxidants and what are they doing in our body system. 

Why we need Anti-Oxidants?

To prevent tissue damage from free radicals

Free Radicals

  • What are free radicals - Free radicals are harmful unstable molecule that naturally formed in the body during any oxidative process like conversion of food into energy.
  • How it increases - The free radicals increases due to factors like smoking, alcohol, air pollution, infection, stress, excessive sunlight and toxins.
  • Effect of Free radicals – If free radicals over whelm the body’s ability to regulate them, a condition known as oxidative stress which affects lipids, proteins, DNA and it triggers many diseases like coronary artery disease, arteries blocking and cell damage. So we need to tackle the problem? And the solution to prevent free radicals are... ?

  • What are AntioxidantsA substance that scavenges free radicals (inhibits oxidation free radicals), especially one used to counteract the deterioration of stored food products. 
  • Role of Antioxidants
    • Antioxidants prevent free radical induced tissue damage by preventing the formation of radicals.
    • Antioxidants protect our cells and arrest cellular damage thus decreasing the risk of heart diseases.
    • Antioxidants are known to reduce oxidation of LDL (bad cholesterol) thus help maintain strong heart.
    • Help in scavenging (mopping) bad free radicals and help maintaining cell integrity (or health)
    • Prevent clogging of arteries/ blockage of arteries.
    •  Help in keeping arteries healthy.

Cooking oil with high amount of anti-oxidants will helps in fighting all these effects. Oil is important factor that determines your heart health.

Especially, in countries like India, where the cooking oil is habitually heated to high temperature that result in the formation of free radicals. Considering the high consumption of cooking oils in the country and high cooking temperatures. We could make baking also with the oilOils with maximum anti-oxidant power are ideal to tackle the problem at its root.

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Why Saffola Total ?
  • While quantity of oil used is important, the quality of oil is equally important.
  • ‘Saffola Total’ has two times the Antioxidant Power compared to even Olive oil. Which means Saffola total is much more potent than olive oils in terms of antioxidants.
  • Antioxidants are known to fight free radicals which are responsible for cell damage in the body. 
  • Saffola Total is recommended by leading Nutritionists across the country.
  • While Saffola Total has high anti-oxidant potential, it has various other benefits which work at 3 ends. While frying it has become cautious to make sure that the undesirable/harmful components formed during frying can be reduced to the best. Anti-oxidants in Saffola total help do just that.
Antioxidant Power
  •  When storing oil at home or on the shelf  the free radicals in the air cause the oil to deteriorate again the role of anti-oxidants is to help prevent that and this results in a better quality product for you and your family.
  • Even in the body anti-oxidants are needed to scavenge free radicals, and help in a healthier lifestyle. Saffola Total is unique oil with all these benefits.

10% Lower Absorbance
  • Saffola Total has the added advantage of Losorb Technology. i.e. Saffola Total has up to 10 % lower absorption capacity as compared to other oils.
  • Based on external lab studies on sunflower oil, soybean, canola (Saffola Total has shown 18% Lower Absorption over soybean, 16% Lower Absorption over sunflower, 20% Lower Absorption over canola)

Losorb Technology
Low Absorption  oil is best for making deep fried recipes
 (Vada, Poori, Samosa etc... ), 
as it does not drunk more oil when compared to other oils. 

I happy about the low absorption benefit, we can make some guilt free deep fry snacks.

Multi-seed Technology
  • Saffola Total also gives you the benefits of multi seed technology, a technology that combines the goodness of two oils (Rice bran and Safflower oil) in one. 
Rice Bran Oil Benefits
Safflower Oil Benefits
1. Rich source of Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant. 
2. Rice bran oil is also a rich in the 
    neutraceutical gamma-oryzanol  
3. No Cholesterol
4. No Trans fatty acids
5. Naturally low in saturated fat
6. Rich in oleic and linoleic fatty acids.      
7. High smoking point, so best for 
    high temperature cooking.
     1. Improving heart health
     2. Healthy choice for weight loss
     3. Maintaining healthy skin and hair
  4. High amounts of mono unsaturated fat, thus decrease bad cholesterol
     5. Vitamin E content 
     6. Highest concentration of linoleic acid 

   Price - 1 Lt -  195 

                    The potency of multiple technologies make Saffola Total, one of the best oils in the country for heart care for you and your entire family. Saffola Total is very healthy and easily available in our nearby grocery stores unlike olive oil, so why can’t we think to take this in our regular cooking especially it helps in our Indian cooking. I already using Saffola Gold and the SAFFOLA TOTAL OIL new welcome to my kitchen. 

What are you thinking? 

Want to change the healthy and fit life,

 then change to Saffola Total healthy oil...


  1. Never ever have I read such a detailed blog about health benefits of an Oil. I guess Saffola must be that good. Glad you shared it!


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