Hi my dear friends, today am not cooking anything. Yes! I am free for 3 days.  Actually I came to my periappa's home (my father's elder brother place), so am not able to update my cooking.  And my vision turns to crafting side.  Yes! In my blog description I have given cooking and crafts. You may be thinking that cooking is here and could not find craft works? Right? I love to make crafts. I did glass painting, emboss painting and crochet works.  Did you observe my profile picture?  Yes! Its done by me it called emboss painting. 

When I was in the hostel I start to do craft working. My best friend Gathampari who is inspired me to do painting. She is my guru to start craft work... I learnt from her a lot. She is too having food blog 'Gat's Samayal'... She is having 6 month old cute prince....

After my hostel days I learnt crochet work, which is I started for my sister's child Trinaya....  I did baby bib, blanket, socks, hat, mobile pouch and some other home decor items... Now i just posted pictures of my work, latterly I update with detailed procedure......

Here after I will upload my craft work when I get time.... Hope you will like my working!!!!


  1. Hi Viji ,

    Enjoy your No Samayal Days :))))))

    Keep on Dear...


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