Hi dear friends, today some special post n really very happy to publish the post on the right time… You know why, you might be knowing the beautiful and great mind girl who writes YOU TOO CAN COOK, yeah! She is none other than DIVYA PRAMIL – Divy (DK)

We Priya Suresh, Priya Ranjit, Sangee Vijay, Manjula, Divya Prakash, Preeti, Prethika and Shama  were planned to give surprise virtual party for Divya on her birthday. We have chosen some special recipes from her space and we did for her birthday party. 

Divy is such a lovely person and I started to chat with her after 3 months since my blog has started. I can say she is very humble, caring, down to earth and very jovial person. I love to do chit-chat with her at any time.  She helped me a lot to improve my blog and photography.

Divya shares many interesting and variety of traditional and innovative recipes with very attractive photography. Am greatest fan for her food photography…J She is conducting SNC in a much planned manner and this is base to learn other regional recipes to us... I know she doesn’t need too much intro about her… Am I Right???

I have chosen some of special recipes from her space to give surprise virtual party to Divy…

Divy, en iniya piranthanaal nalvazhthukkal…  Vegetarian treat from me… ;) So please adjust with the vegetarian recipes… Hope you liked to have the entire menu for U…J

Welcome drink
Minty Lemonade

Special sweet for birthday girl 
Maida Burfi

Rajma Patties

Tomato Dal 

Carrot Beans Stir Fry 

Aval Payasam 

Star and Heart Pops 

Now I posting recipe of Maida Burfi, in following days I will post one by one, and Thank u so much for those lovely recipe to try by my hand Divy… We really enjoyed the each and every recipe in the name of you… ;)


Maida – ½ Cup
Milk powder – 6 Tbsp
Sugar – ¾ Cup
Water – 1 ½ Cup
Ghee – 3 Tsp
Strawberry essence – 3 Drops
Apple green food color – 3 Drops

  • Heat a pan and add 3 tsp of ghee to it, then add maida and roast on low flame until get a good aroma.
  • Then remove from the flame and add milk powder mix well and set aside.
  • Now take a pan and add sugar and 1 ½ Cup water and boil it till get a single thread consistency.
  • Now add the maida and milk powder mixture slowly and keep stirring so that no lumps are formed.
  • The mixture will immediately thicken, now add some ghee and keep stirring. Add remaining ghee and stir well until it forms a single mass.
  • Now divide the dough into 2 parts mix the strawberry essence and apple green essence with the help of spoon until it combined well.
  • When you able to make non-sticky balls out of it remove from the flame and transfer it into greased plate.
  • Immediately spread into the greased plate and press well using a flat surface greased with ghee. Set aside.

  • After cool the dough cut into your desired shape.

  1. You can replace the food color with cardamom powder while stirring the dough on the flame.
  2. I don't add any nuts or raisins if you love fry the nuts in ghee and add to the mixture. 
  3. Cut into desired shape after cooled well. 


Check out my other friends too posted the virtual party with me... Priya SureshPriya RanjitSangee VijayManjulaDivya PrakashPreetiPrethika and Shama


  1. Omg, wat a spread and each dish is just amazing and droolworthy Viji,love those cute heart burfis,soo attractive.

  2. Viji sooo many recipes? Oh God thank u so much for such a wonderful treat Viji, really am awestruck, mindblowing effort just for me? Really there is no better gift than these... Love u, thanks for the lovely surprise, enaku ena solanae therla, amso happy to have known u all... <3 u Viji, thanks everyone!!!!! Such lovely words about me, donno whether I deserve those words... <3 Wish & Pray we'd be friends for ever like this :D

  3. This is the real treat Viji...

  4. Romba laga ela recipes um senjrukinga vk thanks a lotttt!!! <3

  5. loved u r first click.looks superb.u r cake pops is beautifully made.

  6. wow..delicious spread viji, such a lovely treat to DK, great effort!

  7. Wow What a spread and so many lovely dishes !!

  8. you made lot of recipes, gr8 work da vii :-)

  9. Sema virunthu Viji, blog peru kku apt ah.. Superb collage too.. Great job dear!!

  10. Awesome Viji! Divya Birthday Girl..Enjoy! Many more happy returns of the day!

  11. wow.. so many recipes.. good effort viji.. :)

  12. Super post ma Viji! Hats off to your friendship...and Divya is gifted! :)

  13. Very very lovely treat for Divya and burfi looks awesome.... the treat is really mind blowing...

  14. Wow...what a colorful and cute burfi. Great job viji.

  15. burfi looks temtping, just like Ranbir Kapoor. LOL.

  16. wonderful idea...yummy burfi...

  17. thats delicious treat with lots of yummy treats for divya :) delicious and lovely heart shaped burfi Viji :)

  18. Such a wide variety of dishes.. Yum!! And loved those pops too :)


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