Top 5 South Indian Food Restaurants in Delhi
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India is known for its different types of regional cuisines. Out of the various regional cuisines, South India foods are extremely popular, In India as well as in other parts of the world. Due to any damn good reason, if you are in Delhi and searching for authentic South Indian Foods then you must certainly go to these places. The terrific South Indian foods served by these restaurants will leave you mesmerized and overwhelmed for a long time!

  • Saravana Bhavan- Cannaught Place

It is one of the best South Indian restaurants in Delhi, serving genuine South Indian dishes. Apart from some excellent foods, the most stunning thing is the presentation part of it. It serves only vegetarian foods. Go for mini idlis with Sambhar and ghee, uttapams, Ghee roast dosa, Onion Rava Masala Dosa, Sambhar Vada- for which it is much famous.

  • Carnatic Café- New Friends Colony-New Delhi

Your next destination can be Carnatic Café. People say that it serves the best South Indian Dishes in Delhi. I am sure it’s crispy dosas with tasty chutneys; uttapams will force you to visit this place again and again! It’s known more for its food rather than its look. The place is small with a humble ambience but with terrific foods. You will find different, different types of tasty and lip- smacking dosas here.

  • Andhra Bhavan – Ashoka Road - Cannaught Place

If you want your choices to be wider, then you can also include the name of Andhra Bhavan in your list as it is equally famous and widely appreciated for its South Indian Cuisines in Delhi. South Indian Foods are generally costly in Delhi, but Andhra Bhavan is an exception.

  • Dakshin- Sheraton- New Delhi

Famous for its opulent and wealthy establishment, cozy and warm atmosphere- it is an excellent place for a fine dining experience. For those who like South Indian dishes- It’s like a paradise! It is one of those few restaurants serving genuine South Indian dishes in Delhi. For sure it is expensive but a must go for those who like great foods!

  • Naivedyam- Hauz Khas Village-New Delhi

If you want to taste real South India Foods in Delhi in the midst of typical Southey Ambience then for sure go to this place. Good thing is that most of its foods are pocket-friendly and they are amazing at the same time! Services and ambience wise too it is great!

These were the top 5 South India Food Restaurants of Delhi. Suppose if someone is not in a position to visit these places due to any reason but still want to have South Indian Foods then what? No worries! Thanks to some websites who have come out with a brilliant idea of online food ordering facility! No hassles, No travelling- still you can enjoy the true flavor of South India Cuisines sitting at your home!

If you want to try, they are here for you. Please click on the links given below. They have become extremely popular in some recent months with their splendid services and skyrocketing delivery system! 
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