இனிய பொங்கல் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்!!!

On this special occasion, I have a desire to start a fascinating event to multiply your bliss. I would like to thank Divya and my friends who helped me to start the event. Surprise or feast always adds an element of fun and excitement to our lives don’t you agree? And while you surprise someone you always get satisfied and a contented heart for making someone’s day better. So here’s an event where I have planned to bring this element of fun into blogging.

You would have had got inspired by some blogger at some point of time and there are people in this blogging world with whom you’d like to share a lot with. And for some reason you may not be able to get in touch with them. You might also feel like doing something for the blogger who inspired you or helped you at some point in time. So here’s a chance.

Here’s an event JING A FRIEND (Jing=Surprise) where you can dedicate a post cook something special for such a person and surprise them. This event will help you do something for the blogger you've been admiring for long. 

Here’s what to do…
  1. Who is your surprise friend and why are you dedicating the post to her?
  2. Share your first contact/interesting moment with them; if not what you like to tell them?
  3. What are your likes from her as personal or/and her’s blog?
  4. Treat her with a special recipe and why you selected the recipe?
  5. Send me your questions/doubts; what you like to ask them? I will get replies from the person without telling your name and will be posted with the post. The replies will be surprised for you too… J
  6. The Last but not least, Please don’t reveal your surprise friend’s name to anyone till the post publish on my blog…

Who can participate in the event 

Both bloggers and non-bloggers can surprise a blogger friend. 

Event Time
  • Every month – 4th Monday
  • Question submission – before 2nd Wednesday
  • Recipe submission – 2nd Friday

How to participate

  • Give me your name and the friend’s name.  Other details we can discuss further in the mail.

Are you ready to surprise your friend!!!
Who knows you may be the next person to enjoy the surprise from the loved one!!!



  1. Awesome idea. Loved it. Thank u for sharing your thoughts. Keep posting....

  2. This meeting rooms had everything we needed for our event. The cocktail hour was delicious and food was of high quality! I loved everything; it was just as good as my mom's.


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