Hi friends, am really very excited and proud to post the guest post of Sangee aks from Spicy Treats. I never expected, suddenly she pinged me yesterday night and said, I will give your guest post today… I was super happy and how can I say ‘NO’ to the lovely sis. Even am speechless, and surprised of her guest post… You know, I already mentioned in my previous posts too, sangee aks is my first follower and she put first comment on my space… Still, I remember her first comment on my space as she said “I liked your blog title” and she is very lovely and caring sis, she helped me to give more and more tips for blog and food photographs.

I love all her recipes especially healthy recipes and baked goodies, and have to learn more from her presentations as well as, which is more attractive and appealing recipes. Likewise, today she shared lovely guest post on my space for my birthdayJ, very delicious and creamy Beets Pasta payasam…  


Over to Sangee aks  

I am happy to share a guest post to my friendly sis Viji of Virunthu Unna Vaanga. Long back I accepted to do a guest post for her but one or the other things kept me busy and was postponing. As today her Birthday and we friends usually make a virtual party post but I wanted to do the guest post today so it will be on her space forever. My small b'day gift and hope she and her readers like it :)

A few words about Virunthu unna vaanga & the wonderful person behind it. I came to know viji virtually only a year back only. She is an enthusiastic blogger and friendly person. Its always pleasure chatting with her. She loves sweets/desserts more than the savory food stuffs. That is also one of the reasons for my today's post. She is one of my blog's regular visitors and always her comments make me happy and motivating. One fine day, while chatting with her she told me that I and my space was one of her inspiration to start blogging. And my comment on her space was the very first comment, I was so surprised and excited that someone is inspired by my work...That sounds great na?! Thanks da viji and am glad to be your guest today. Viji is one of my best friend and loving sister of mine, happy to have found her in this vast blogosphere.

Virunthu Unna Vaanga is her first blogspot title which impressed me and now she moved to her own domain Viji's Virunthu. Virunthu unna vaanga has lots of traditional south Indian recipes, lovely bakes and many innovative recipes of her own. She puts more effort to share each and every recipe with detailed step wise pictures. I can see a vast difference in her recent pictures. She tries to take pics in day light and also I like the way she present each dishes. 


Now coming to the recipe, I always prepare Payasam/Kheer for all special occasions at home. As today also a special day as its viji’s birthday I prepared this Beets Pasta Payasam. This is my first try with beets and pasta combo, have tried pasta/macaroni payasam before but the combo turned out so good and colorful payasam. My H who doesn't like Pasta in any way loved this creamy beets pasta kheer. I usually add ground nuts powder to my payasam but for a change I added ground almond & cashew paste. Over all a rich, creamy and delicious payasam. So give it a try to impress your family and guest with this colorful & delicious Beets Pasta Payasam. Here you go...


Preparation Time: 20 minutes
Cooking Time: 20-25 minutes
Serves 4

  1. Pasta   1/2 cup or less
  2.  Beet root    1 medium 
  3.  Milk     3-4 cups
  4. Sugar     1/4 cup + 2 tbsp
  5. Cardamom powder   1/4 tsp or 4 crushed cardamom
  6.  Almonds     10 no.s
  7. Cashew nuts    8-10 no.s
  8. For Garnishing 
  9. Chopped or sliced Almonds    2 tbsp
  10.  Raisins     1 tbsp


  • Soak almonds & cashew nuts in warm water for 30 minutes
  • Wash, peel skin from beet root and chop, and then pressure cook with enough water for 1-2 whistles or cook until soft and cooked.

  • Mean while bring 2-3 cups of water to boil and when it starts boiling add pasta and cook for 5-6 minutes or cook till 3/4th done. 
  • Then drain excess water, wash in cold water and keep aside.

  • Once the beets cooked allow cooling for a while then grind it along with soaked almonds, cashew nuts and little water or milk to a smooth paste and keep aside.
  • Then in a sauce pan, add 3-4 cups of milk and bring it to boil.

  • Once it starts boiling add sugar and let it cook for 3-4 minutes. Then add 3/4th cooked pasta and cook for another one minute.

  • After that add the ground beets-nuts paste and cook in medium for 2 boils or until kheer thickens slightly.
  • Lastly add cardamom powder and chopped nuts and simmer for few minutes.
  • That's it...Tasty Beets Pasta Payasam.


  • The same way instead of beets you can also use carrots.
  • If you don't like pasta then you can skip pasta and make it as plain beets kheer.
  • Instead of chopped nuts you can also use ghee roasted nuts for garnishing.
  • I peeled the almond skin before grinding.

Surely, am gonna try this yummy kheer soon… J One of my lovable treat/gift on my birthday. Thank you so much your love and support aks. I really enjoyed much and so pleasure and lucky to have such a lovable friends like you. 

Hope you all enjoyed the innovative and delicious beets pasta kheer, waiting for your feed backs!!!


  1. Good post . Happy birthday Viji. Thank u sangee for the recipe

  2. Happy birthday viji ka.lovely kheer and super post

  3. Wonderful post ....What an innovative recipe ,Good job to Sangee akka..Viji dear enjoy your day

  4. wonderful post vji n sangeetha.thisis ver diff payasam .many more happy returns to u

  5. really wonderful post... as usual awesome clicks by sangeetha...

  6. nice post.. nice to know more about you two.. have a great day viji.. :)

  7. Thanks viji for all your kind words, its my pleasure doing a guest post for you on ur special day :) Wish you all success & May Gob bless you with lots of happiness, health and peace!!

  8. Lipsmacking good payasam. Enjoy today Viji dear.

  9. Happy birthday Viji and that payasam looks so beautiful Sangee...

  10. Happy Birthday viji, Nice post Sangee...

  11. lovely post viji! Kudos to both Sangeetha and u :)

  12. Awesome guest post payasam is so lovely and innovative. Sangee I have never tried pasta in payasam must give this a try sometime soon. Great effort from sangee and viji

  13. mouthwatering and creamy payasam there :) they look fantastic sangee :) an wonderful guest post viji and sangee :)


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