Why we need food? As a food blogger, I won't ask such question.. But I asked the question to my parents in my childhood. Likewise, have you ever considered the question of why we need food?...... Food is essential for growth and maintenance for human body, right? We should consume foods for physiological, psychological and social functions. 

Nature gift us many vegetables and fruitsIt provides health benefits and are important for the prevention of illness. Most research recommends filling half of our plate with fruits and vegetables at each meal. It gives varieties of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants to us. But the question is, the produce we getting is free from dirt, bacteria and other Micro organisms? Not sure. 

Not all the cities have facilities to get organic produce. In such case, we have to buy fruits and vegetables from our local markets which is produce with the spray of pesticides and other chemical manures. Normally, we used to wash with running tap water to wash off the dirt and unseen germs. But, most of the pesticides have capacity to withstand the rain and contaminated with fertilizers and preservatives even expose to atmospheric fumes, dust and exhaust and air born micro-organisms.  So general water wash may remove the surface dirt but not the pesticides. How bad can it be though?

OK! Then how should wash fruits and vegetables? can we use with other detergent soap or solutions? No, it also contains chemicals and use of vinegar will leave stringent smell. Then, what about water wash for long time 30-60 minutes? Do you know veggies and fruits have water soluble vitamins; it will also wash off with water, then what use if we consume those produce. Recently, I got to know about the Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash product, from the house of TTK Healthcare, pioneer in domestic household products.  

TTK Health Care 
Tiruvellore Thattai Krishnamachari better known as TTK. The group was incorporated in 1958 and went public in 1985. TTK is a totally integrated manufacturing and marketing group with its core products - kitchenware, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food products etc. 

Why I test with Good Home Vegetable Fruit Wash 

  • The vegetable and fruit wash is made using natural tulsi extracts. 
  • It has antibacterial as well as anti-fungal properties (Chlorohexidine). 
  • It is 95% more effective than just washing ingredients with plain water.

Outcome of my test with the product...

Fruit wash with water (Blue Bowl) and Good Home Vegetable Fruit Wash (Green Bowl)  


Can you notice the difference between these water and veg and fruit wash?
After Good Home Vegetable Fruit Wash... Healthy and clean Fruits...

Vegetable wash Good Home Vegetable Fruit Wash 

I can clearly find out the impurities in the wash with Good Home Wash
Fresh and Clean vegetables here after Good Home Vegetable Wash
500 ml pack worth Rs. 100/-


  • Add 10ml of solution to one liter of water. 
  • Soak veggies and fruits for 3 minutes. 
  • Rinse with water. 

  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Don't use with cut vegetables and fruits.  
  • Natural Tulsi extract is one of the excellent disinfectant. 
  • The vegetables and fruits are clean and safe to cook and consume.
  • couldn't feel any residual fragrance on the vegetables and fruits after wash.
  • Very convenient to use and helps in keeping vegetables and fruits germ free.
  • It is not soapy. 

  • I am not sure about can wash green leafs with the solution. 

Package - 4/5
Quality - 4/5
Price - 5/5
Convenient - 5/5 

My Overall View 
Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash is convenient to use and safe. Visible difference from the wash. But I couldn't find out whether it removes wax coating from the fruits and veggies like apple, orange, egg plant, bell pepper etc. I find out, it is good product to wash the produce to free from pesticides and micro organisms (bacteria, fungus) and am going to use it regularly. 

Try the Good Home Vegetable and Fruit Wash in your home to clean the veggies and fruits and find out the difference... 

Stay fit and healthy with clean, germ-free and pesticide-free veggies and fruits... 


  1. Really enjoyed your review! Looking forward to getting the product and trying it out myself!

  2. Very useful review dear, will look out for this..


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