Most of the time I used to prepare and have this sugar dosa. Weekly twice or thrice I make this, Yes! That much I love this Sugar dosa! Which is very easy and simple too, kids will love it... If you tasted this one you can too addict of this... It will come out absolutely crispy and sweety and one more it doesn't need any side dish...

Moreover in my family no one makes this dosa, and I din't heard anywhere till I prepared... Yeah! I think its my innovation...(OK! OK! I can hear your words WHAT A BIG INNOVATION? Right?)... Arasiyalla ithalam sagajamappa... You too try this and let me know the results.....


Dosa batter - for 2 dosa
Sugar - 2 tsp
Oil - to sprinkle


  • Heat dosa tawa and take a laddle full of batter spread in the tawa.

  • Sprinkle oil to the dosa and sprinkle 1 tsp of sugar to the full dosa.

  • Cover the dosa with a lid cook it for one minute. Don't flip the dosa it will stick at the bottom because of sugar.
  • Remove the lid, you can see roast, Fold the dosa and remove from tawa.

  • Serve it hot...


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  1. yummy recipe..happy to follow u...
    do visit my space in your free time..
    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  2. super kids delight.... wat an idea sirji... happy to follow u dear...

  3. Ha ha ha I loved your sense of humor esp. the line 'arasiyalla idhellam sagajamappa' he he he..and haven't thought of adding sugar to dosa batter :) truly innovative dear :)
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    Golden Fried Chicken
    -You Too Can Cook Indian Food Recipes

  4. I used eat dosa with sugar when I was kid. Your innovation looks delicious.

  5. Hi Viji,

    Looks Delicious !!!

    Neat presentation:))

    Keep on Dear ..

    Welcome to my

  6. we use to make these dosas for our kids but we use ghee instead of oil which gives a pleasant ghee +sugar aroma..a good alternative to make any fussy kids eat their breakfast themselves!

  7. Hi Viji, Collect your award from my space @ ""

  8. Sugar Dosa is quite new.. good one to get over your sweet tooth in a jiffy :P

    Glad to follow you too :)

  9. Absolutely wonderful dosas there.I haven't made so far this way Vijayalakshmi...Nice meeting.Hope to see more from you.

  10. looks crispy and yummy dosa..


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