Hi my dear friends, sorry for not posting any recipes from this month starting itself... I am having severe cough and cold so I couldn't prepare anything... Hope will recover soon and meet you with Yummy recipes... My mom only prepare everything and second thing my camera was taken by my brother outside... So I couldn't take stills also... Surely I will come to regular blogging from this Sunday or Monday... I apologize to all of you for not post any recipes...

But today am going to post some of my  crafts... I already told that often I will post about crafts too... In future, try to put crafts items with making steps twice in a month... 

Keep encouraging and visiting my space... Thank you all my sweet friends... Will catch you soon with delectable recipes...

Welcome Chicken

Rose Bud

Rose flower

Skirt for doll 

Table Mat 


  1. Hi Viji ,

    looks beautiful!!!!!

    Keep up your good work Dear...

  2. Viji i luv ur table mat dear...

  3. lovely works...share a lot more like these crafts....take care of ur health :)

  4. beautiful tablemat. get well soon.

  5. thank you all my dear friends for your kindness...
    Wishing you very happy friendship day...

  6. beautiful work. thx for visiting my space and letting me know ur lovely blog too.. happy to follow u as well..

  7. Lovely work..Happy to join your space too:-)
    Thanx for dropping by my space & joining too!!

    Ongoing Events of Erivum Puliyum @ Spicy Aroma-Curry leaves or Red dry Chillies


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