Hi friends, do you love online shopping? Yes! I love and I can hear your voice too J. Nowadays, Online shopping is trend and one more reason here to save a lot of time from our busy lives. You can buy anything from needle to clothes to furniture and even more in online shopping. There are numerous sites to choose our favorite products. And its ease that we can take lots of time to choose what we want, whenever we get time even midnight too right? So, today, I will share online shopping website and product review of, 

India Circus

Today I would like to introduce the one of the best online shopping website, India Circus, which offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated and affordable style for various areas of your life, from home décor to personal accessories. Indian Circus best inspired from both Mughal Royalty as well as road-side chai, as they fulfill all the desires. They Offer a diverse and distinct array of moods and tones, which we feel presents India. The most I loved from the India circus is given vibrant colors of Indian culture with unique designs.

Krsna Mehta is well-known Design Director in India Circus. He is familiar for his aesthetic taste in textiles and art. India, its madness, and colors inspire him to bring India Circus alive.

What you see admire & shop from India Circus…

Home Décor

Attractive colors of Home Decors

Home décor gives you so many beautiful and ethnic collections of vase, door mat, lamp, photo frame, cushion cover and more. The designs of the products are very unique and we could not miss to admire the arts. 

My favorite – Lamp


Ready to give Royal look of your Dining Table...

Dining products, as a food blogger I am much attracted here and elegant and artistic collections of table runner, mug, coaster, trays, plates and tumblers. I totally love the Indian touch to each and every design and moreover attractive color combination of each product. Especially platters are too good and I keep eye on the emboss glass. 

My favorite – Mug and Flower plate


Lovely Accessories to handle, isn't it?

Well, who hates accessories, are you? No… The colorful and handy accessories lists are awesome. You can hunt iphone, Samsung cover, wallet, and towel and so on with our Indian touch. 

My favorite – Samsung Cover and Peacock Mouse pad J 


Wish to own of your favorite??

One of my our favorite section, isn’t? There so many wonderful and Indian-ness fashion accessories are available. Surely, we will get confused that what to choose and what to leave. Lovable stoles, T-shirts, ties, pouch, and wrist watch and bags and so on…  

My favorite – Earrings and Wrist watch

Wall Art

Our wall become more marvelous of the wall arts...

Wall arts, is an interesting and can see so many unique designs. When you are doing interior, how can your walls be behind, you can opt the excellent of art paints, traditional prints. Now, the wall should be looking more pleasant with the beautiful wall arts…

My favorite – Bombay Deco wall art

So, are you ready to own the beautiful artistic products??? Come on, let’s shop some dining products and am so happy to get the wonderful creations of India Circus.


Sign Up

Choose Products

Check Out

India circus has a number of payment methods. Choose the one that is most convenient for you. The options are

If you do not have online bank transfer facility, surely can opt for COD.

That’s it… I waited for the product arrival J

My Views on Shopping Experience 
India Circus, sent me their products as after our discussion, its just reached in 5 business days through Fedox courier and the products were nicely bubble wrapped. I love their package much and its so attractive, neat and unique and more over very safety package.

I was very happy after received my products from India Circus. Unwrap (It took me 5 minutes, that much safety J ) the covers to see those beautiful artistic of my products.

Now let’s see the products,

Riverside Miniature Tray
Trays collections are very fantastic. Neo-Nawab collection's bright and vibrant luxury is tamed by its regal and sophisticated royal etiquette with abundance of glorious India. The tray brings alive the regal charm and colors of the Mughal palace.

Very Beautiful Palace Miniature... 

Material – Wood
Dimension – Large 12" x 18
Cost – Rs. 1608/- including Tax

What I Liked

  • Very smooth finishing
  • Light weight yet firm  
  • Easy to clean and handle
  • Can hold more number of tumblers or bowls
  • Attractive ethnic create of India Circus

Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Banana Chequered Leaf Coffee Mug
The collection inspired by nature is called as Tamara. I love the pattern of the mug. The coffee mug is refreshing, dynamic, trendy and unique. The art of banana plant is very sharp and attractive creation.

Look those Banana trees, How natural it is... 

Material – Bone China
Dimension – 3.1" x 3.7"
Cost – Rs. 586/- including tax

What I liked

  • Attractive and natural pattern
  • Love the minute art of banana plant with those banana flowers
Do Not Scrub
Use Mild Detergent
Gentle Hand wash
Microwave Safe

Archaic Arches Tumblers
The Archaic Arches Tumbler set features an elegant intricate design of arches that are enhanced by the beautiful motifs in contrasting tones. This is best suited for holding your favorite drinks and juices during celebrations and special occasions.

Lovely Color Combination... 

Material – Glass
Dimension - Upper Diameter - 3.25"
   Bottom Diameter - 2.30"
   Height - 3.25"
Cost – Rs. 439/- including tax

What I liked

  • Love the contrast color art
  • Good wide and volume capacity
  • Good grip while holding the glass
No Dish wash
No Microwave

Over all Likes in India Circus
  • Easy to access the website and well categorized 
  • Introductory offer of sign up and get Rs 1000 off*
  • I can see beautiful Indian-ness and vibrant colors in each and every product, with twist.
  • Easy to place the orders
  • If your wished products sold out, you can use the option “Notify Me” to get the products as soon as the product in stock
  • Good intimate views of the products and information
  • Cash On Delivery available
  • Free shipping charges over transaction worth Rs.1000 and above.
  • Ships 200+ countries
  • Very good and safe packing
  • Good quality of products
  • Gift vouchers available
  • Mega sale corner offers you many discounts on their product

Unlike in India Circus
Nothing to unlike, but I suggest to increase more collections of dining products.

Website User Interface - 5/5
Customer Service - 5/5
Packaging and Safety - 5/5
Delivery Speed - 4/5
Product Quality - 5/5

Whether you love royal ethnic or funky or road side arts, you can surely visit India Circus. Roam the full categories and shop your favorite and elegant products in India Circus and enjoy :) 

Disclaimer - Product images credits to India Circus.


  1. really you mention a nice & informative product list in your blog about Online Shopping Site

  2. we all want a beautiful home and the help of home decor we make our home beautiful . India is very ethnic in home decoration . We can buy home decor online as well as we can buy from the store.


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